Company: from plastic to paper, how to transition packaging with Semoulin Packaging?

At Semoulin Packaging, we understand the challenges faced by our clients. Since the beginning of our operations, we have been assisting our partners in creating increasingly sustainable paper packaging. However, we also support companies in a crucial shift in their packaging strategy… the transition from plastic packaging to paper packaging!

Follow us to understand how this ecological transition is possible for your company right away.

The secret to good packaging? A customer-centric relationship

First and foremost, at Semoulin Packaging, our teams work daily to provide high-quality products. Indeed, since its inception in 1910, many things have changed in our family-run business: but not our desire for excellence!

As Aurélie, a sales representative in the company for three years, tells us: “The primary goal is to provide our clients with an appropriate solution. Sometimes a partner company thinks they need pre-formed packaging, but after a case study together, we realize they would be happier with a reel. Because that’s what our clients come to us for: our expertise!

Indeed, the employees at our Thulin-based company use all their skills and know-how to find the ideal solution for each client.

And the company doesn’t lack varied solutions!

… But if you’ve always worked with plastic packaging, how can you change your habits and internal system?

Switching to paper packaging, a headache or a simple transition?

Today, many producers or companies want to adopt more eco-friendly packaging. However, they don’t always know how to change such an ingrained habit.

Again, Aurélie sheds light on this specific and increasingly common scenario :

“The demand for paper packaging is growing, that’s evident to us! There are several reasons for this: the general awareness of plastic’s harmful effects, but also European legislation that is expected to bring changes… so many companies prefer to anticipate the legal framework by changing their habits now, and we are happy to support them!”

How to practically change your packaging habits?

“Actually, you need to see the change as a hand-in-hand action. When I meet a client who wants to switch to paper packaging, we immediately set several things in motion. Our customer process allows us to meet each need, step by step.”

1. Presenting the product to be packaged

The client presents the product(s) they wish to package with the help of Semoulin Packaging. Of course, the paper is designed to be strong and effective, but it remains ideal for dry foods or products that don’t require a total moisture barrier.

And there are already many such products: pasta, all kinds of flour, dry pet food, all sorts of legumes, barbecue charcoal, or pet litter… The list is long.

2. Deciding on the packaging composition

Technical details are, of course, considered from the beginning of the mission. What paper weight is necessary for effective resistance? Should a window be created to view the product inside? What level of gloss is desired on the final paper?

So many questions that offer different answers and require discussion with an experienced sales representative!

3. Deciding on the format

An obviously essential step. To make paper packaging optimal, the format question is quickly studied. This allows for cost control, quantity management, and packaging strength.

4. Adapting the structure

This is the strength of a company like Semoulin Packaging: its proximity to clients and responsiveness.

“It’s true: when we meet a client who wants to change their packaging and it requires adapting their packaging structure, for example, we go directly to their site to find the best solutions together. Of course, some machines (bagging machines) are easier to adapt than others.

But even when it’s a real challenge, our strength remains our expertise. Because our technical teams have performed this type of transformation dozens of times and exhibit a certain virtuosity in this area. It’s a genuine know-how that we are proud to pass on!”

5.   After-sales service

“We don’t just sell a product but provide full support for the project!”

Aurélie emphasizes this point because at Semoulin, the aim is to create a trust-based relationship with clients. The technical challenges the teams face are opportunities to be even more effective.

“And when a company contacts us to be more aligned with their values, to contribute to collective efforts for environmental protection, we are pleased to support them in the long term.”

Hence the importance of exemplary customer follow-up and coordination work like Aurélie’s.

So, ready to adopt paper packaging?

If you want to change your packaging material, don’t hesitate! Personalized, effective, and more sustainable solutions exist and are just waiting to be adopted.

Contact Semoulin Packaging and join the movement for more sustainable packaging.