The future of dry food packaging: 5 reasons to adopt paper packaging

Choose paper packaging for your dry food packaging.

Imagine the scene: you’re walking through the aisles of your supermarket, list in hand, or perhaps you’re doing your grocery shopping directly online, and something seems different… Surprise! Plastic packaging has been replaced by paper packaging.

Daydream or real possibility? Discover (or rediscover) in 5 points why paper packaging is a solution for the future of your packaging.

The plast… Paper is fantastic! 

Whether you’re a consumer or an industry professional in the food sector, it’s important to know the reasons that make paper a product with multiple possibilities and a light impact.

1. An effective alternative to traditional plastic packaging

Certainly, habits die hard, and plastic has become part of our daily lives in so many forms that we might forget it’s not the only option for our packaging…

However, more environmentally friendly than plastic, the paper used in Semoulin Packaging’s packaging is of plant origin and strictly controlled – notably thanks to our FSC and PEFC certifications. As a plant-based material, paper is much more easily renewable and biodegradable. This is not the case for its direct competitor derived from non-renewable fossil resources… in other words: which takes hundreds of years to degrade in our environment.

2. Secure paper packaging for your food

If you work in the agri-food sector, you are undoubtedly concerned about the food safety of your products. Can flexible paper packaging offer high safety standards? Yes, absolutely!

All paper packaging produced by our packaging professionals is designed to protect your dry foods from both moisture and light. A true freshness barrier, our various packaging options are designed to guarantee the quality of the products until consumption. An essential characteristic that ensures preservation while maintaining taste and texture.

Another plus? Semoulin Packaging holds BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification which evaluates and guarantees our activities in the food processing or product packaging sector.

3. Multiple possibilities for creativity with paper packaging

The interest in paper packaging is no accident. Because their great versatility must also be taken into account!

Whether they are directly molded and ready to use or delivered in rolls, our paper packaging adapts to your needs. From our workshops in Thulin, ideally located to serve Belgium, France, and Germany, we put all our know-how to work to offer you an optimal result.

No matter the size of the container, whether it needs to be heat-sealed or requires precise, dynamic, and colorful graphics: at Semoulin Packaging, we have the technical means and competent professionals to meet your needs.

4. Effective reduction of our pollution

As we’ve mentioned, the plant-based origin of paper helps to reduce the environmental impact of both consumers and producers. Moreover, we use water-based recipes for our inks and adhesives.

Are all products currently 100% recyclable? Not yet all. That’s also why our research and innovation department has been working every day for years to offer increasingly effective solutions. Moreover, even more environmentally friendly new products are coming soon… Stay tuned.

5. Strong consumer demand

Today, ecological transition interests all spheres of the population: from the youngest to the oldest. So it’s your entire range of consumers who are interested in greater sustainability of their products.

By choosing to work with more environmentally friendly packaging, you’re engaging your social responsibility for a better future.

In a few words…

Paper wins over plastic!

  • Its lower environmental impact
  • Its better recyclability
  • Its possibilities for variation
  • Its safety for the food sector

And if reducing our impact on the environment started with choosing our packaging more wisely?